The very first step into taking great care of your hair, is to acknowledge the type of hair you have. The tricky part is, it can happen to have more than one type of hair, but not to worry, there are many methods you can figure that out and how to take care of your hair the right way.

Before we jump into the hair type Detection game, let's try to understand what hair is and how it grow. Most importantly what is it made of and how to give it more of what makes it grow!

What is hair?

The simple term use when it comes to defining what hair is, is Hair is a Protein filament... What does it mean?

 A little science...

So in biology, a filament is a long chain of proteins connected together, there are different types of protein and the one that makes up hair is the Hair Keratin.

Keratin is known as one of the fibrous structural proteins, just keep in mind that Keratin is that one protein that makes up most of not only hair, nails and the outer layer of human skin, but also found in animal's horns, claws and hooves  so  you can see how flexible it can be.

With that said, now that we know hair is compose of mostly Keratin, there's what we call the "Hair Keratin" which is a specific type of Keratin found in hair and nails also known as "trichocytic keratins" To understand in depth on how Hair keratin behave, I recommend taking a look at  Hair Keratin, by Séverine Altairac, it is with no doubt the most comprehensive and well explained context on Hair Keratin. Now that we know the basic of what is hair, let's talk about hair growth.

Hair Growth: